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  • Kirstie Allie’s Weight Loss Videos –

    Date: 2011.08.06 | Category: Dieting Tips, Weight Loss and Dieting | Response: 0

    Kirstie Alley’s Big Life: Weight Loss Mar 21… by AEVideos
    SEASON PREMIERE Kirstie Alley’s Big Life A&E by
    SERIES PREMIERE Kirstie Alley’s Big Life A&E by AEVideos

  • Jenny Craig – An Analysis /

    Date: 2010.04.25 | Category: Weight Loss and Dieting | Response: 6

    Jenny Craig.

    This is one of the best known diet plans in the world and has received incredibly publicity with their celebrity spokespeople, Valerie Bertanelli and Kirstie Allie.   Every where you turn there’s another Jenny Craig ad, every magazine you read, there’s another ad and go on the Internet and there’s another ad.   It’s working.

    Jenny Craig has been assisting dieters around the world since 1985.   Started in Australia and travelled to the US and now around the world.    The Internet, of course, has dramatically expanded it’s popularity.    The Jenny Craig approaches weight loss from three sides, mind, body and food.     

    The program starts with members paying for different levels of subscriptions.  Jenny Craig works at the dieters eating healthy portions, including daily exercise as part of their daily routine and think very positively about their progress to enable dieters to stay with the program.  Jenny Craig provides food in individual portions, lots of support from staff and numerous audio and video materials to help everyone stay motivated.  People who live close to Jenny Craig centers can receive face-to-face support from counsellors while those not close receive Internet and telephone support.  The quality of the support staff can vary considerable which has been a criticism but generally they are qualified with lots o resources available.

    The program does work but isn’t necessarily fast weight loss.   It’s a gradual loss which probably in the long run is best.  They don’t recommend any supplements which might speed the process and this has caused concern with some people.  There is a range in the cost of the food!  They offer lots of specials and it’s up to you as to the comprehensiveness of the program.  Their Website is a very clear good website which assists you in support and understanding of their principles.  Many of us need stimulation and guidance and this is part of the Jenny Craig program.   It’s important to our motivation to prove we are staying within program guidelines.  Basically, we could all diet on our own but for many people this just doesn’t work.  We need to have to answer to someone other than ourselves to make it work.  At least, until we have made better eating and a healthier lifestyle a habit.

    The fact that Jenny Craig promotes fitness along with diet is very positive.  This makes for a long term healthier life.  Exercise becomes part of your routine.  Jenny Craig has been around for so long primarily because it has helped so many people achieve their weight loss goals.  If it hadn’t news would travel fast.  Dieters need to be able to make the transition from pre-portioned foods to their own portions and this can be difficult.  Overall this is a good program that can create long term change to your lifestyle.  Jenny Craig would be a great choice.

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